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At Oakland Party Bus, we know value, and we know just how important value is for you. That's why we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible rates for party buses and limo buses in all of Oakland. We know how important saving money is to you, and we believe that you should not have to suffer for worse service because of it. That's why we handle all our clients on a case by case basis. What we do, is we gather some information from you about your trip, and then we cater a price that is specific to it. That's right, no flat rates, just personalized and transparent quotes. And we say transparent because we make an effort to make sure that you know exactly what you're paying for. You will never see any hidden fees when you book your trip with us. Your hourly rate will already include the driver's minimal gratuity, any fuel costs, as well as taxes and other fees. When you're ready to call us, please have the following questions answered, so that we can get you a quote as quickly and as accurately as possible.

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When is your trip happening?

A major factor of our prices has to do with the date that you do it on. Our weekend, especially Saturday prices are higher than the rest of the week. Also, our prices are seasonal. During the late spring prom time and summer wedding times, our prices tend to be higher than other times of the year.

How many people are coming on your trip?

This information allows us to provide you with buses that will properly accommodate your group's size. Naturally, a larger bus is more costly, however, if you split the cost up amongst your patrons, you can still save a lot of money even on your rental, no matter if you choose an Oakland limo or party bus.

Where is your pickup location?

While we will serve you anywhere you are, locations that are more than 50 miles away from us, may result in an additional fuel surcharge. When you're on the bus, you're welcome to go anywhere you like in your time frame, as far as you like with no additional fuel costs.

For how many hours will you need the bus?

Our buses are billed at an hourly rate and we do have a 6 hour minimum. However you are welcome to reserve the bus for longer if you like. If you do go over time, don't worry! We will only bill you at the hourly rate we agreed upon.

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